Hotels and restaurants dedicated agency

Synestezia is a marketing and communication agency, dedicated to hotels and restaurants.

A range of services focused on 5 main fields of expertise :
- Creation : Creation of logos, graphic charters, web design, photo and video reports...
- Design and printing of paper media : Leaflet, brochure, mailshot, menu, press kit, stationery...
- Web solutions : Website, e-mail campaign, e-brochure, online games, hosting, referencing...
- E-reuptation on social media : Monitoring and managment of e-reuptation on influential forums, communication on social networks, blog...
- And Training  : We travel to your premises in order to train your teams in new communication techniques on social media

Synestezia: an agency that was able to understand the challenges of social media

How to react to opinions on forums and take advantage of them? On which media should you be present and why? What is the impact on your reputation and image? How to create a Facebook page, build a network, coordinate and win fans? In other terms... How to communicate on the Web today?

Often considered to be a threat, social media is also a communication opportunity without equal, which is formidably effective for convincing and turning web surfers into customers. Therefore Synestezia has developed an expertise on these very specific issues related to participatory web (web 2.0) particularly affecting tourism stakeholders. We offer solutions tailor-made "and develop a personalized action plan and suitable for image management and communication of successful social media.

A versatile team able to adapt to your needs

Entirely devoted to hotels and restaurants, Synestezia offers a complete and tailored service.

Our approach: There is no universal solution, each situation is unique. We develop communication tools and marketing tailored to your needs, your competitive environment, your customers and within your budget to allow you to exist and to differentiate yourself.

A young and dynamic team, 100% customer-oriented, which shares the same philosophy:
COMMITMENT! From the definition of the creative concept to the production of your communication supports, your project is supervised by specialists able to offer a combined expertise: the HOTEL-RESTAURANT BUSINESS and COMMUNICATION.

With whom do we work?

Independent hotels and restaurants
Stéphanie Mollard comes from a family of hoteliers which has worked in the business for generations. Always involved and enthusiastic, she is perfectly familiar with your business and is able to set up effective turnkey solutions adapted to your budget and your resources.

Independent and integrated networks
After 7 years of experience in marketing strategy and and e-business consulting, today, Stéphanie Mollard puts hers skills and knowledge of the market at your disposal, skills which she has acquired over the years alongside major brands such as Relais et Châteaux, Relais du Silence, Louvre Hôtels, Accor...

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